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Data centers are the engines of our digital world. This fast-growing sector is hiring for almost every skill set, educational level and stage of career development.

How can your skills and unique background transfer to a data center career? Discover the hundreds of options by clicking below.

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Do you enjoy solving problems? Can you communicate clearly? Think creatively? Or perhaps you have technical aptitude or a strong sense of leadership?

Click below to explore the data center career paths that fit with your skills and competencies, no matter what your industry background or level of experience.

Job Domains

Why choose a data center career?

Job security. Data centers power many of the technologies we use daily, including the internet. As demand for digital services grows, so does demand for data center jobs. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors today and in the future.

Job variety. A data center career is not one size fits all. Just as the people working in data centers represent a diverse range of skills and backgrounds, there are many different types of jobs and careers ranging from hands-on to technical, and from business or engineering to community development.

Career growth. The data center sector offers many different opportunities to grow, from entry-level to leadership roles. Data center teams are multi-disciplinary, which means people develop a range of skills and perspectives.

Personal growth. Develop new skills, get trained and learn the latest. There is a wide range of job roles and career paths, which means opportunities for growth.

Fast-growing opportunities

Fast Growing Opportunities

Demand for staff in the global data center infrastructure sector is forecast to rise from about 2.0 million full-time employees in 2019 to nearly 2.3 million in 2025. There is high demand for all types of job roles and in different types and sizes of data centers, globally.